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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

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How long does it take to match a client with a surrogate?

Nora Heysen

Legal issues

Ukraine is one of a very few surrogacy friendly states in Europe. It does not limit surrogacy related payments and does not require legal procedures to obtain court order. No adoption of your own child is required. The recipient family creates embryos using their or donated gamets through IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) that are transferred to gestational surrogate mother. Ukrainian law allows to issue birth certificate to intended parents' names regardless of their genetic links to the child.

In the legal history of Ukraine, there has not been a single reported case of a disputed custody claim arising out of a surrogate parenting arrangement or directly addressing the validity or enforceability of a surrogate parenting agreement.

Gestational surrogacy

In gestational surrogacy, Surrogate Mother (Gestational Carrier) carries a child not genetically related to her. The child might be biologically related to the Intended Parents, in case the Intended Mother donates her eggs and the Intended Father donates his sperm, or to the Egg Donor and to the Intended Father OR to the Sperm Donor and Intended Mother.

Gestational surrogacy is absolutely legal in Ukraine, but it's an option only for officially married couples and single women. No specific permission from any regulatory body is required for that. The prospective surrogate should be 20 - 40 years old. She must be mentally and somatically healthy and have at least one healthy child of her own. Surrogate may have no relation to commissioning parents. The marital status of the surrogate is irrelevant.

Donor gametes or embryos might be used in surrogacy programs. There are no restrictions as for use of surrogate mother's gametes for surrogacy programs, so she could donate her oocytes for the IVF (not AI) program as well.

A written informed consent of all parties (prospective parents and surrogate) participating in the surrogacy program is mandatory.

Commissioning parents are considered the child's legal parents from the moment of conception.

The surrogate can get remuneration for her service and be compensated for actual expenses as well.

A written surrogate parenting contract between parties is not mandatory.

Traditional surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is biologically related to the child. The surrogate agrees to donate her own egg and then carries the embryo. Traditional surrogacy is not mentioned in the law, so the child born as the result of artificial insemination pursuant to a traditional surrogacy program is deemed to be the child of the surrogate mother and commissioning biological father. If traditional surrogate is married, her husband would be the legal father of this child. To avoid it the fatherhood of biological father should be established by means of filing a joint statement of the intended biological father and biological ("surrogate") mother of the child in an agency for the registry of acts of civil status. A special agreement as for effectuation of parental rights by parent residing separately from child should be concluded to protect rights of a single biological father.

The surrogate can legally terminate her parental rights immediately after delivery. In this case the commissioning biological father will be considered the only parent of his child.

If biological father in the traditional surrogacy program is married, step-parent adoption will be necessary to get the intended mother's name listed on the child's birth certificate instead of the surrogate's name. So in this case gestational surrogacy + oocyte donation program can be recommended to avoid adoption procedure.

Best time to start

It's never too early and never too late for your surrogacy program! Fortunately there is no age limit for these programs in Ukraine. Normally, if you are over 35 or have an experience of 3 failed IVF cycles, normally it makes no sense to continue expensive IVF treatment. Due to high costs and very low success rate (about 20% per attempt) for women over 35, continuing your own treatment will further bring you into financial losses and emotional crisis. Remember, in this case you pay for transfer, not for success.

How to increase chances for success

Chances are high when oocyte donor is younger than 26. If you can carry pregnancy, you might use an egg donor. If you are not in a position to carry, Gestational Surrogate is the only solution. From our experience, we recommend to use an egg donor under the age of 26 and a Gestational Carrier under the age of 32. It increases your chances for success - about 65% per transfer, or 2 successes per 3 IVF attempts with fresh embryos.

Medical program

We arrange only IVF and ICSI procedures. We don't arrange traditional surrogacy programs through AI (Artificial Insemination). If you are single and need a traditional surrogacy, we'd recommend an egg donation program + gestational surrogacy.

Our Surrogates and Egg Donors

We have available SM's and oocyte donors right now. There is no waiting list for our clients. To start working with your request and to make you an adequate offer we need to know your requirements as for the surrogate.

Through our representatives in almost all national regions we carefully select for our programs only those women who are in excellent health, free of any sexually transmitted diseases, have a good reproductive history and healthy children. The intended surrogate must have had at least one child, preferably involved in a marriage or stable partnership, with her partner and relatives being supportive of her decision. If you are looking for a special egg donor with unique characteristics, such as certain nationality, blood type, "model" type beauty or high intelligence, we'll be pleased to arrange a special search for you. As for the time frame, we can start working as soon as an official contract with you is signed, so it won't take more than a fortnight.

Your Customized Program

Our programs are quite flexible. You might use our services just for matching the surrogate mother or to request full case management package service. Our matching fees are valid for one year. You are entitled to one year of matching service, in case you need to change gestational carrier if something goes wrong.

We are not limited by Ukraine. We have gestational carriers from those states in the former USSR where surrogacy is legal.

Our fees

We offer our clients different packages of services starting from as low as EUR 5 000.

We'll be glad to send you complete description of our basic packages by e-mail. Please note that we can also prepare customized packages adding or excluding any services taking into account your particular budget for this program or exact services you need.

Your PAYMENT IS REFUNDABLE!!! Even after the medical program is started, we make refund for the FULL SUM less banking expenses and all expenses incident to the Surrogate's IVF attempt, pregnancy and our services.