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Surrogacy in Ukraine


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Jaime Olaya
"La Maternidad"

Surrogacy in Thailand Under Fire

According to the Rosjurconsulting, multinational reproductive law firm dealing with international surrogacy, on July 22nd, 2014 the Thai military government paralyzed activities of all IVF clinics involved in surrogacy declaring an investigation of possible wrongdoings. The police is reported to check if the clinics accepted gay or single intended parents as patients and if a sex selection for non-medical reasons took place.

It is completely unknown what would happen to existing contracts and programs underway. It is not clear how to avoid legal mess when the resulting children are born.

As Rosjurconsulting reports, new regulations are being prepared by the military. Legal regulation of assisted reproduction, once so liberal, would be considerably tightened. The authorities consider a total ban on commercial surrogacy and sex selection for non-medical reasons. Surrogacy would be allowed only for married heterosexual couples. Gay couples and single intended parents most probably won't be accepted as patients to implement their surrogacy programs in Thailand.

There is a good thing, after all. To avoid a clear conflict of interests, IVF clinics won't be allowed to provide surrogates and egg donors, an independent agency should provide the candidates instead.