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Surrogacy in Ukraine


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Nora Heysen


No wife needed: Single Men Can Become Dads through Surrogacy, Moscow Court Says.


On August 04th, 2010 Babushkinsky District Court decided that single man who applied for gestational surrogacy (donor eggs were used) can be registered as father of his new born “surrogate” child. Surrogate’s name won’t be listed on the birth certificate. The First Single Dad Through Surrogacy in Russia was represented in Court by lawyers of the Rosjurconsulting law firm, specializing in reproductive law and surrogacy. The Moscow Court’s landmark decision confirmed once more: single intended parents regardless of their sex or sexual orientation can implement their right for parenthood through surrogacy in Russia. Such world famous bachelors as singer Ricky Martin and football player Christiano Ronaldo already became fathers with help of American surrogate mothers.

This unique program was arranged by Vita Nova IVF clinic based in Moscow.