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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

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Is the surrogate's name recorded anywhere on the birth certificate?

Many couples, to say nothing about single persons, suffer from infertility and would like to have a child of their own. Being childless has many reasons - health problems, sterility, various diseases, social taboo and psychological complexes, and - last but not least - a simple unwillingness to be married. For centuries the only solution available for childless people was adoption. But as it happens, most of us want to have our own children, genetically related to us. It's just human! Adoption is not an adequate answer and might be even a false way leading to a family tragedy. So the only solution to millions of infertile couples and single people is GETTING A CHILD THROUGH SURROGACY.

Our company offers legal and coordination services in the most complex and at the same time most delicate field of the family law as surrogacy.

"EUROCONSULTING" is the first and unique legal service in Ukraine, which offers a package approach to surrogacy and protects your interests from the moment you sign a contract with us till getting an official Birth certificate of your child.

  • We look for medical centers and clinics, arrange all necessary analyses and procedures to start your program.
  • We search for surrogate mother or/and egg donor from our vast data-base that would fit all your requirements. From now on there is no need for you to use notorious services of criminal-minded intermediaries putting your money and your program at risk.
  • We check information, provided by the surrogate or egg donor - her nationality, genetics, physical and mental health, criminal back-ground for her and her relatives, her living conditions.
  • We arrange and coordinate the whole program from the very beginning till your departure from Ukraine with your baby.
  • We take care of correct meal and housing conditions of the surrogate during her pregnancy and look for good obstetricians and nurses.
  • We register the child and get official Birth certificate, as well as solve other complex legal problems that could jeopardize your program.
  • We protect your privacy and confidentiality of your program.

It's OUR business and OUR responsibility.

Our company cooperates with best medical centers in Ukraine.
We provide guarantees of legality, financial cleanliness and ethics of the whole process.
Our professional lawyers are reliable and efficient.

We keep strict confidentiality and protect your privacy.